Blue Dot Patch Indigo Mask with Filter Pocket


During the Corona virus lockdown, here in London, I started using some of my beautiful indigo cotton fabric to make masks. Got so many compliments that I decided to offer them for sale.

The natural Calico cotton is a dense weave (12s/14s). Each reusable & washable mask is made with two layers of this lovely fabric with a pocket, for the filter  of your choice ( like a high quality paper towel or coffee filter).

Our masks are uni-sex and fit well around the face. The ear straps can be adjusted by retying them.

The natural indigo, which is considered to have health benefits in Asian cultures, is of exceptional quality. It does not fade or run like other indigos and is nontoxic like chemical dyes.

We hope you will enjoy these as much as our friends & family have. Keep others safe by covering up.

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